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After a decade of practicing alternative therapies at other people’s healing centers, I founded Fabylous Living in 2004.

I was originally led to non-traditional medicine because, throughout the years, I had suffered from various ailments and digestive problems due to a poor diet and a stressful lifestyle. The only relief I received from traditional doctors were medications prescribed and over-the-counter. These did not cure my illness but disguised the symptoms for short periods of time. So I decided to try alternative options to heal my body and mind and, thereby, achieve balance.

First, I studied Reiki. While studying, I was under the care of different alternative practitioners and tried many different types of therapies. I started a new life of health and never felt better.

I learned how to listen to my body. I learned how critical nutrition is; how everything is either a nutrient or toxin that will travel to each of our cells to regenerate, heal, or destroy them. I learned how important it is to keep our digestive systems clean so we can better absorb nutrients and keep free radicals and other toxins out of our bodies, for these eventually will create discomfort and illnesses.

After studying Reiki, I went to the Swedish Institute in New York City, a prestigious school for Massage Therapy and Acupuncture. I obtained an Associate Degree in Occupational studies. I practiced medical massage, Shiatsu, and Pre-natal massage.

I then studied Colon Hydrotherapy and became an instructor certified by The International Association of Colon Therapy.

While working in Los Angeles for two years, I learned Chinese medicine techniques and how to skillfully use Chinese herbs. I learned special techniques to work with those suffering from Fibromyalgia. I also learned the amazing power of Vibrational Therapy and started working with tuning forks, a very effective way to stimulate the meridians just like acupuncture but with pressure and vibration.

In 2006, I was blessed to discover the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, broadening my knowledge beyond Chinese medicine to Ayurveda, Microbiotics, Blood Type diet, Raw Food diet, among many other dietary theories. I obtained a degree as a Health and Nutritional Counselor and became a Certified Member of the Association of Drugless Practitioners.

This knowledge enhanced my ability to provide quality health counseling, healing through natural foods, increasing balance, energy, and happiness mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Throughout my career, I have been amazed to see how people learn to live with their discomfort and pain, settling for band-aid solutions. In working with my clients, I tailor-made a 3 to a 12-month program to help them find balance, empowering them to fully embody and maintain vibrant health.

It will be a pleasure to have you join me!

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes….


"About 4 years ago, An acquaintance of mine knew I was having some challenges with Lyme Disease and related gastrointestinal issues. She raved about a colonic therapist named Faby At Fabylous Living. I had no idea what to expect, and Faby immediately made me feel comfortable and took a genuine interest in my health. I soon learned that Faby’s breadth of knowledge about complementary medicine and various healing methodologies was wide-ranging. I continue to see Faby for colon therapy on a weekly basis. Besides being a superb colon therapist and healer, she is an extraordinary and special person."

-Lauren S.