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Bioelectrical Therapy (DDS)

Bioelectric Meridian Therapy uses a bioelectric machine that generates a low electrical current which is transferred into the body through the therapist’s hands. The therapist uses a specific 3 in 1 combination of high-alkaline cream and essential oils together with the electric current to help open and clear the body’s main meridian lines.

Using the body’s natural bioelectricity stimulates nerves and cells and increases Qi flow (energy). Blood vessels expand creating a significant improvement in blood flow circulation and an increase in oxygen within the blood and throughout the body. This process helps to regulate and alkalise the body’s natural pH level. The therapy improves digestion, activates the auto-immune system and helps to maintain good health.
The greatest benefit of Bioelectric Meridian Therapy is the holistic approach to promoting health and wellbeing. The technique is used to target the underlying causes and imbalances within the body, instead of merely managing the symptoms presented.

This gentle, non-invasive technique is safe for use on all ages from as young as infants and provides benefits to both the client and therapist. With a balanced or alkaline pH level, the body reduces its acidity and improves its natural immune system supporting general health.

There are many benefits to Bioelectric Meridian Therapy. Some patients experience the health any physical benefits after only a few treatments while other conditions require longer term treatment.



"I have been going to Fabiola for 17 years, and she is the best! I highly recommend her for all of her services - especially colonics and bioelectric massage! I shared with her that I had experienced this type of massage in LA, and it was amazing, but no one in NYC was doing it. So Faby bought the equipment, learned how to use it, and now incorporates it with her Swedish massage, reiki, and healing techniques for an out of this world experience. It is simply the best you will feel rejuvenated and relaxed in her very seasoned healing hands."