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Massage Therapy

Massage benefits your body!

A massage can do wonders for your body, both physically and mentally. No longer considered an indulgence, massage is recognized as an effective treatment for many health conditions which can includes:

-reducing stress and anxiety

-increases blood circulation aiding oxygen and nutrients delivery to the cells

-cleans the tissues of waste

-relaxes spastic muscles

-increases range of motion

-soothes the nervous system

-aids respiration

-reduces swelling caused by accumulation of fluid in the extremities

-increases lymph and endocrine system functioning

Massage can also help to relieve conditions like arthritis, bronchitis, back pain, depression, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and TMJ, among others.

Massage can also decrease the need for painkilling medications and reduces the formation of scar tissue.

By using the following techniques in different combinations, we can cater the session to your specific needs and help you to relax, relieve the stress and anxieties of your day to day life, and aids in the relief of chronic pain.

Shiatsu is an ancient eastern technique where the therapist uses fingers, palms, knees, elbows, and feet to apply pressure to acupuncture points to balance the body's vital energy or chi.

Trigger point concentrates the massage work on trigger points or "knots" to relieve chronic pain.

Deep tissue massage applies pressure to specific muscles and tissue deep within the body to help restore equilibrium to cells and connective tissues.

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage of the lymph nodes and lymphatic pathways, by aiding the movement and expulsion of toxins from the body.

Sports massage specify applications of massage techniques catered to the needs of the client to aid in preparation for the athletic activity of recovery from injury.

Swedish massage applies massage techniques with the aids of cream or oils to enhance circulation and relieve muscle tension.